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Top 10 songs list
Hey, guys. Today, I'm going to be doing a Top 10 list of songs. I will be listing songs that remind me of something else or make me think of something else. I really wish I could think of a better choice of words for that list... sigh. Anyway, these songs will either be vocal or instrumental and I won't leave you guys in the dark on the songs I'm listing.
Some of you may know these songs, whereas others may not. I won't be using any particular order for this list, so bear with me. Bear in mind that this is my opinion on the songs I have chosen for this list. If you are not familiar with any of these songs, don't worry about it. Are you guys ready? Let's begin.
Number 10
Stay (Hardline - 2012) - This Hardline song is good, but I had some... better choices in mind. The music and the vocals remind me of some songs I've heard in my childhood and/or teen years, like 'Chasing Cars' by Snow Patrol [pl
:iconmysteriousgirl92:MysteriousGirl92 1 1
EWW Counter Productive in 10 or more mins
Everything Wrong With Counter Productive in 10 or more minutes (spoilers) (obviously)
Me: Shouldn't there be a hyphen in the title? (ding)
Tails: We're approaching hour 23 of Sonic and Knuckles' stay awake challenge and it's still anybody's game.
Me: How are you and Sticks not asleep during this? (ding) And why is there a race car sound effect in the second shot? (ding)
Sticks: It appears Sonic is jogging in circles to stay awake while Knuckles keeps his focus by watching late night TV.
Me: Wouldn't they get tired from this? I'm saying this because this incarnation of Sonic just LOVES to moan, sleep and eat chilli dogs all day. (ding)
Sonic: Give it up, Knuckles. I can keep moving all night. The second you find something boring on TV, you're going to be out like a light.
Me: It kind of sounds like an Eminem rhyme. (ding)
Comedy Chimp: So Soar, tell us more about your dried, dense and complicated new book about introspection and self-betterment.
Me: Gee, w
:iconmysteriousgirl92:MysteriousGirl92 1 0
Sonic Boom - Just a Guy (alt. version)
If you knew there was an episode called 'Just a Guy', but you didn't know what the episode was about, what would be the first thing that comes to your mind? This story will be told from Sonic's POV. Feel free to rate and review. NO FLAMES, please. Enjoy.
I'm in a race against time. Eggman's up to no good again. But what is he up to this time? Pushing myself to the limit, my legs carry me as quickly as possible across the flat, sturdy terrain until they skid and stop near a two-way junction. Wearing an earpiece, sent to me in a box from a villager, Eggman chuckles gleefully. 
"I'm at the two-way junction. What now, Egghead?"
"Well, Sonic", he began, "I have a little challenge for you". A challenge, huh? This'll be interesting. Hehehehe. "I will tell you what your mission is. Each junction leads to a small, dilapidated building. Both of which contain a little... something". Uh-oh. This can't be good. 
"The left building contains eight people, and the right building conta
:iconmysteriousgirl92:MysteriousGirl92 2 3
EWW Muckfoot in 5 or more minutes
Everything Wrong With Muckfoot in 5 or more minutes (spoilers) (obviously)
Knuckles: Well, I've finally got a cool place to lay my head every night.
Me: But what if it rains? (ding) Also, aren't you at least a bit worried about catching a cold? (ding)
Knuckles: Plus, I get to eat all the berries I want.
Me: You wouldn't normally go around eating unidentified berries to satisfy your hunger. Wait, why am I talking to Boom Knuckles? (ding)
Sticks: Eating strange berries is nice and all...
Me: No it isn't! Anything could happen. ANYTHING! (ding)
Sticks: ...but aren't you afraid of... Muckfoot? Legend says, "He walks this very jungle, a swamp monster covered in vines leaving behind mossy footprints wherever he roams".
Me: You guys are in for a surprise later on. (ding)
Tails: Who wants to join me in a night of patiently watching the stars slowly creep across the sky?
Me: With the way you structured that sentence, I don't think anyone would want to. (ding) A bett
:iconmysteriousgirl92:MysteriousGirl92 1 0
EWW Tails' Crush in 5 or more minutes
Everything Wrong With Tails' Crush in 5 or more minutes (spoilers) (obviously)
Me: [seeing the title card] Judging from the episode number and title, I'm not even going to attempt to make a band joke. (ding)
Sonic: World record wheelbarrow race test run. Ready, Knux? 
Knuckles: Oh, yeah! I don't foresee any problem trying to do with my hands what the world's fastest runner does with his feet.
Me: This can only end so well(!) (ding) Burning sand (ding), cacti (ding) and shards of broken glass. (ding)
Knuckles: Ow. Paper cut.
Me: Meh. You've been through worse. (ding)
Sonic: Tails? [Tails turns to face Sonic and Knuckles]
Tails: What? Oh, I forgot to hit stop. [presses the stop button] Can you do it again?
Me: You do realise Knuckles is injured, right? (ding)
Eggman: I was in my evil lair all day, waiting for that package. I had to take a two-minute shower. Two minutes! And when I get out, there's a note on my front door saying I missed the delivery and I
:iconmysteriousgirl92:MysteriousGirl92 1 0
EWW TTMA in 7 or more minutes
Everything Wrong With Tommy Thunder: Method Actor in 7 or more minutes (spoilers) (obviously)
Knuckles: I can't believe we're about to meet Tommy Thunder! He's got it all: Strength, muscles, ability to LIFT stuff!
Me: You're basically describing yourself. (ding) Also, strength and the ability to lift things are the same things. And muscles give us the ability to lift things. (ding)
Amy: Not to mention eyes you could get lost in for days!
Me: You're not going to ask him to marry you, are you? (ding)
Tails: Hey, remember when Tommy was being chased by ninja pirates while skiing down Haunted Mountain?
Knuckles: What movie was that again?
Tails: Ninja Ski Pirates on Haunted Mountain?
Me: That sounds like a bad movie name. It would have been an appropriate name for a children's book, though. (ding)
Sonic: Tommy's movies are great, but his heroics can sometimes seem unrealistic.
Me: As opposed to what Team Sonic does? (ding)
Sticks: It doesn't get any MORE realistic than the
:iconmysteriousgirl92:MysteriousGirl92 0 0
EWW FIACW in 7 or more minutes
Everything Wrong With Fire in a Crowded Workshop in 7 or more minutes (spoilers) (obviously)
Me: [seeing the title card] Maybe this episode should have been called 'Who Started the Fire?' (ding) [Tails' Workshop smokes. Tails runs into his workshop and sees Sonic, Amy, Perci and Knuckles covered in soot] Yeah, that's definitely what burn victims look like in real life(!) (ding)
Tails: What happened here?!
Sonic: Can you be more specific?
Me: Sigh. (ding)
Sonic: [bites his burger] Adequate burgers today.
Knuckles: Yeah, you can barely taste the shredded newspaper.
Me: I'm sure the health inspector would be pleased to know about this(!) (ding)
Amy: Ugh, I said, "No Mayonnaise"! 
Me: Why don't you just... [Gets up, flips over the table, pulled out her hammer, and then smashes another table] Amy, what are you doing?! You're scaring the customers! What if the kids were sitting at that table you smashed? (ding)
Amy: I don't act like that.
Me: Oh real
:iconmysteriousgirl92:MysteriousGirl92 0 0
EWW AYCDICDW in 4 or more minutes
Everything Wrong With Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Worse-er in 4 or more minutes (spoilers) (obviously)
Me: [seeing the title and singing] I can anything worser than you. (ding) Also, does anyone think this episode should have been called 'A Stroke of Genius'? (ding)
Eggman: You can't escape Vacuum Bot! He's gonna get you out of my hair once and for all!
Sonic: What hair? 
Me: Exactly. (ding)
Sonic: Oh. Now I understand.
Me: Is Roger trying to do a Jason Griffith impression? (ding)
Tails: [after Sonic gets sucked in] No!
Me: No. (ding)
Eggman: Yeah!
Me: Yeah. (ding)
Tails: [runs up to Sonic] I never should have doubted you!
Me: What were you supposed to think? He probably would have suffocated in a vacuum, but then again this is Sonic we're dealing with. (ding)
Tails: Did you really think you could capture Sonic in that poorly-designed tin can?
Me: Poorly designed? That thing looke
:iconmysteriousgirl92:MysteriousGirl92 1 0
EWW Sleeping Giant in 3 or more minutes
Everything Wrong With Sleeping Giant in 3 or more minutes (spoilers) (obviously)
Knuckles: Dude, whatup?
Me: Hey, you're gliding! [reveals Knuckles wearing a parachute] Oh. (ding)
Sonic: Use your head on this one!
Rex (from Toy Story 2): But I don't wanna use my head. (ding)
Tails: Here I come! [The monster swats his plane away.] There I go.
Me: That's the running joke, ladies and gentlemen. (ding)
Sonic: A giant rock monster is laying waste to the countryside.
Amy: You mean, "a Granifer Giganticus is laying waste to the countryside".
Me: How was Sonic supposed to know that? (ding) Also, why are you annoyed that Sonic doesn't know the name of this thing? (ding)
Tails: Don't worry; it's still covered by the manufacturer's warranty!
Sonic: But you're the manufacturer.
Tails: I knew I shouldn't have given myself a receipt!
Me: Uhh... (ding)
Amy: Guys? Rock monster?
Me: [bad RCS Sonic impression] Don't you mean 'Granifier Giganticus'? [normal v
:iconmysteriousgirl92:MysteriousGirl92 1 0
Rouge's Power Form (I think) by MysteriousGirl92 Rouge's Power Form (I think) :iconmysteriousgirl92:MysteriousGirl92 4 0 Rouge (I think) by MysteriousGirl92 Rouge (I think) :iconmysteriousgirl92:MysteriousGirl92 4 0 Shantae by MysteriousGirl92 Shantae :iconmysteriousgirl92:MysteriousGirl92 2 0 Cosmo (adult form) - SM style by MysteriousGirl92 Cosmo (adult form) - SM style :iconmysteriousgirl92:MysteriousGirl92 1 0 Cosmo (child form) - SM style by MysteriousGirl92 Cosmo (child form) - SM style :iconmysteriousgirl92:MysteriousGirl92 2 3 Ayame (Power Stone - Power Form) SM style by MysteriousGirl92 Ayame (Power Stone - Power Form) SM style :iconmysteriousgirl92:MysteriousGirl92 0 0 Ayame (Power Stone - normal) - SM style by MysteriousGirl92 Ayame (Power Stone - normal) - SM style :iconmysteriousgirl92:MysteriousGirl92 2 0


Daily Painting 1708# Lava Lamp by Cryptid-Creations Daily Painting 1708# Lava Lamp :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 3,035 102 Litwick Variants by LexisSketches Litwick Variants :iconlexissketches:LexisSketches 44 10 Senshi and Samurai by EmiOhki Senshi and Samurai :iconemiohki:EmiOhki 8 5 Daily Painting 1704# Takoyaki by Cryptid-Creations Daily Painting 1704# Takoyaki :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 4,778 206 [OPEN] Pastel Adopt Batch - $8 set price by ku-rou [OPEN] Pastel Adopt Batch - $8 set price :iconku-rou:ku-rou 55 9
Blinx the Time Sweeper (redux)
Chapter One: The Time Factory
“Time is like a treasure. Use each gem of it wisely, and your dreams will come true”. Blinx reflected on that first statement given to him during his training as a Time Sweeper. After two long years, he was finally ready to travel to different worlds collecting time crystals so the flow of time would be optimal. From his locker, he picked a bright blue high neck jacket with a golden jingle bell on the neck, red baggy pants, white boots with steel toes, white gloves and silver googles; they all made his orange and white fur and his green eyes stand out. He inspected his standard-issue TS-1000 LV1 sweeper and found the round yellow deposit with silver buttons and a red arrow spinning slowly, the chromed tube and the red mouth all in perfect condition. He put his equipment on his back and walked out of the employee lockers into the moving catwalks. The sound of the giant engrams on the ceiling was muffled by the announc
:iconcofeman347:cofeman347 3 2
Daily Painting 1681# Waffle Turtle by Cryptid-Creations Daily Painting 1681# Waffle Turtle :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 4,018 154 Mabel Pines chibi anime version by Meruchan15desu Mabel Pines chibi anime version :iconmeruchan15desu:Meruchan15desu 7 6
Filler: It's no longer fun being a Sonic fan
Since it's still going to take a while for the new Sonic games to come out (unless one of them has already, no longer keeping track), I've decided to discuss why I feel it's no longer fun being a Sonic fan.
To preface, the Sonic fandom has gained similar traits to new wave feminism. If you don't like what SEGA does with the character, you're treated as a pariah on par with a faux misogynist. I know that sounds extreme, but a lot has happened that puts it in that category.
To name a major example, Ghostbusters 2016 was built upon feminism, political correctness and social justice (in terms of aesthetics, the film wasn't remarkable enough to be seen beyond that). James Rolfe, a long-time fan of the original Ghostbusters took the diplomatic approach and refused to watch it, which led to people attacking him. How would Sonic compare to this? In a previous journal, I posted a link to a livestream by Nerdword Entertainment, where he gave a less-than-enthused impression of Sonic Forces. Guess
:iconno-sonic-boom:No-Sonic-Boom 3 13
[+Video] Commission - Lively Steps by Hyanna-Natsu [+Video] Commission - Lively Steps :iconhyanna-natsu:Hyanna-Natsu 6,659 254 Meg Griffin in Wonderland by DistortedRebel Meg Griffin in Wonderland :icondistortedrebel:DistortedRebel 11 1 Meg Griffin by chaopudding7453 Meg Griffin :iconchaopudding7453:chaopudding7453 27 4 Commission - Risu Risu desu! by Hyanna-Natsu Commission - Risu Risu desu! :iconhyanna-natsu:Hyanna-Natsu 3,644 172 Eyes Tutorial by kuatakeru Eyes Tutorial :iconkuatakeru:kuatakeru 430 6 Moe~moe~nyuuu by moekitten Moe~moe~nyuuu :iconmoekitten:moekitten 220 31 Crunchyroll Hime! by Shioiri Crunchyroll Hime! :iconshioiri:Shioiri 154 6



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Call me MG or Misty Grey
United Kingdom
There isn't much to say about me. I am just a woman with a lot of thoughts. If there is something to say, I will say it. I'll... try not to be too harsh on things, though. The last thing I want is people thinking I am a horrible person. The 92 in my name is pronounced 'nine two'.

Another thing I will not do is show my face. I don't like having my face on camera or in photos, and I'm camera shy. So if anyone asks to see my face, the answer is NO.

I will also not submit these deviants for monetary gain (i.e British/American currency). This is just for fun. I might do some commissions or sell some deviations for DA points... someday.

Those who wish to thank me for badges (cake or llama) or for adding their artwork to my Favourites list, you're all welcome. ;-)


Belated birthday wishes to the ones I've missed, and early birthday wishes to upcoming birthdays. You're Sorry for not doing this before announcing my break.

And you're all welcome for the donations received from me. :D
Sorry guys, I'm taking a long break. I need a month or two to clear my head. I may work on some ideas for more episodes.
Halfway through Episode 3 of Power Warriors. Sorry for the long wait. I just NEED to make this right.
I uploaded my alternate version of 'Just a Guy' yesterday. Feel free to check it out. :D
Working on the third episode right now. Just need to make sure the story connects.
Does anyone think the name Infernal Sun would fit Celestia's evil counterpart?
I am NEARLY done with my second PW episode. Sorry about this. It WILL be published when I am done with it.
I have already seen Robots from the Sky (in French), so I don't need to watch the episodes. Judging from what I heard a review, a birdcage... for a Daycare Centre? Ay, ay, ay.
Still working on Episode 2. I'm slightly more than halfway there.
Hey, guys. For those of you who know a thing or two about Viva Piñata, I have no need to explain. And for those who don't, Viva Piñata is a TV series about Piñata animals (ranging from worms to horses) going through many adventures and mishaps on Piñata Island. It also has a video game of the same name and a sequel to the game.

Now, I have seen a few episodes that infuriated me. There was one episode where a Galagoogoo (despite his inability to talk) tries multiple times to warn the others about an erupting volcano, and when they finally see the volcano erupting and shooting out hot rocks onto the beach and into the ocean, they praise him for showing them a fireworks display. Facepalm 

There was another episode that involves a Horstachio being stalked by a female Badgesicle who claims to be his #1 fan. He wants nothing to do with her until the end of the episode, where he changes his mind about his opinion of her. No, I disagree! I'm surprised he didn't find a way to keep her away from him.

Speaking of which, there was this episode where the same Horstachio is forced to go through an attaining order (where you stay as close to the person as possible) with the same female Badgesicle! She harasses him, making him (and the audience) feel extremely uncomfortable. Apparently, we're supposed to find this funny. But it's disturbing and hard to watch, and it's a good thing she didn't try anything else otherwise the age rating would go up. 

What really bugged me was the ending. The Horstachio gets pummeled, NOW due to a restraining order, because the female Badgesicle is a celebrity now. Sigh. Who thought this was funny? Who thought that kids would enjoy something like this? And who thought this was a good idea? I really need to get on with what I'm supposed to be doing.

I'm here to talk about the episode 'Candibalism', where a Fudgehog, Fergie, ultimately decides to keep a giant chocolate Bunnycomb -- meant for the Shimmy Shindig -- all to himself. He does this by disguising it as his cousin Candace (Candy for short) and manages to keep anyone from finding out 'her' true identity. When it's time to tango, Fergie dances with 'her', smells 'her', tastes 'her', starts wanting more of 'her'... yeah, I should stop before I end up making people sick. Although he is doing these things to a chocolate Bunnycomb, it's easy to forget that the Bunnycomb IS NOT his cousin (though the episode does a good job putting that disturbing image into your head).

Fergie eats the chocolate Bunnycomb, and this leads EVERYONE to believe that he ate his cousin. He is then put on trial for his 'crime' and has a nightmare about his actions. He wakes up and decides to tell everyone what really happened... before instantly changing his mind. He is then found guilty and is catapulted to the moon (filled with sweet treats), while a receipt for a chocolate Bunnycomb falls down to the ground and everyone realises their mistake.

I think it would have been better if the episode ended like this: after waking up from a nightmare, Fergie comes to a decision. In court, he admits what happened at the Shimmy Shindig. 2 weeks have passed -- in the form of putting Xs on a calendar -- and Fergie, after his friends meet up with him (in the marketplace), apologises for his actions. His friends accept his apology, and Fergie states that he never wants to see another chocolate Bunnycomb again. When another Piñata gives Fergie a chocolate Bunnycomb to have for himself, the Fudgehog panics and runs away screaming. The episode then fades to black as Fergie's friends laugh together.

This, in my opinion, would have been a better ending as it shows that Fergie has learned his lesson, and has decided to lay off the sweets because of his sweet tooth. Getting catapulted to the moon filled with sweets shows that Fergie has learned nothing from his experience.


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