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Pixel artwork
This is just for DA points and DA points only. This is the kind of art I'll be doing. 

I won't be doing any drawings based on sex, drugs, people passed out from alcohol or whatever fetish people have.


Newest Deviations

EWW Muckfoot in 5 or more minutes
Everything Wrong With Muckfoot in 5 or more minutes (spoilers) (obviously)
Knuckles: Well, I've finally got a cool place to lay my head every night.
Me: But what if it rains? (ding) Also, aren't you at least a bit worried about catching a cold? (ding)
Knuckles: Plus, I get to eat all the berries I want.
Me: You wouldn't normally go around eating unidentified berries to satisfy your hunger. Wait, why am I talking to Boom Knuckles? (ding)
Sticks: Eating strange berries is nice and all...
Me: No it isn't! Anything could happen. ANYTHING! (ding)
Sticks: ...but aren't you afraid of... Muckfoot? Legend says, "He walks this very jungle, a swamp monster covered in vines leaving behind mossy footprints wherever he roams".
Me: You guys are in for a surprise later on. (ding)
Tails: Who wants to join me in a night of patiently watching the stars slowly creep across the sky?
Me: With the way you structured that sentence, I don't think anyone would want to. (ding) A bett
:iconmysteriousgirl92:MysteriousGirl92 0 0
EWW Tails' Crush in 5 or more minutes
Everything Wrong With Tails' Crush in 5 or more minutes (spoilers) (obviously)
Me: [seeing the title card] Judging from the episode number and title, I'm not even going to attempt to make a band joke. (ding)
Sonic: World record wheelbarrow race test run. Ready, Knux? 
Knuckles: Oh, yeah! I don't foresee any problem trying to do with my hands what the world's fastest runner does with his feet.
Me: This can only end so well(!) (ding) Burning sand (ding), cacti (ding) and shards of broken glass. (ding)
Knuckles: Ow. Paper cut.
Me: Meh. You've been through worse. (ding)
Sonic: Tails? [Tails turns to face Sonic and Knuckles]
Tails: What? Oh, I forgot to hit stop. [presses the stop button] Can you do it again?
Me: You do realise Knuckles is injured, right? (ding)
Eggman: I was in my evil lair all day, waiting for that package. I had to take a two-minute shower. Two minutes! And when I get out, there's a note on my front door saying I missed the delivery and I
:iconmysteriousgirl92:MysteriousGirl92 0 0
EWW TTMA in 7 or more minutes
Everything Wrong With Tommy Thunder: Method Actor in 7 or more minutes (spoilers) (obviously)
Knuckles: I can't believe we're about to meet Tommy Thunder! He's got it all: Strength, muscles, ability to LIFT stuff!
Me: You're basically describing yourself. (ding) Also, strength and the ability to lift things are the same things. And muscles give us the ability to lift things. (ding)
Amy: Not to mention eyes you could get lost in for days!
Me: You're not going to ask him to marry you, are you? (ding)
Tails: Hey, remember when Tommy was being chased by ninja pirates while skiing down Haunted Mountain?
Knuckles: What movie was that again?
Tails: Ninja Ski Pirates on Haunted Mountain?
Me: That sounds like a bad movie name. It would have been an appropriate name for a children's book, though. (ding)
Sonic: Tommy's movies are great, but his heroics can sometimes seem unrealistic.
Me: As opposed to what Team Sonic does? (ding)
Sticks: It doesn't get any MORE realistic than the
:iconmysteriousgirl92:MysteriousGirl92 0 0
EWW FIACW in 7 or more minutes
Everything Wrong With Fire in a Crowded Workshop in 7 or more minutes (spoilers) (obviously)
Me: [seeing the title card] Maybe this episode should have been called 'Who Started the Fire?' (ding) [Tails' Workshop smokes. Tails runs into his workshop and sees Sonic, Amy, Perci and Knuckles covered in soot] Yeah, that's definitely what burn victims look like in real life(!) (ding)
Tails: What happened here?!
Sonic: Can you be more specific?
Me: Sigh. (ding)
Sonic: [bites his burger] Adequate burgers today.
Knuckles: Yeah, you can barely taste the shredded newspaper.
Me: I'm sure the health inspector would be pleased to know about this(!) (ding)
Amy: Ugh, I said, "No Mayonnaise"! 
Me: Why don't you just... [Gets up, flips over the table, pulled out her hammer, and then smashes another table] Amy, what are you doing?! You're scaring the customers! What if the kids were sitting at that table you smashed? (ding)
Amy: I don't act like that.
Me: Oh real
:iconmysteriousgirl92:MysteriousGirl92 0 0
EWW AYCDICDW in 4 or more minutes
Everything Wrong With Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Worse-er in 4 or more minutes (spoilers) (obviously)
Me: [seeing the title and singing] I can anything worser than you. (ding) Also, does anyone think this episode should have been called 'A Stroke of Genius'? (ding)
Eggman: You can't escape Vacuum Bot! He's gonna get you out of my hair once and for all!
Sonic: What hair? 
Me: Exactly. (ding)
Sonic: Oh. Now I understand.
Me: Is Roger trying to do a Jason Griffith impression? (ding)
Tails: [after Sonic gets sucked in] No!
Me: No. (ding)
Eggman: Yeah!
Me: Yeah. (ding)
Tails: [runs up to Sonic] I never should have doubted you!
Me: What were you supposed to think? He probably would have suffocated in a vacuum, but then again this is Sonic we're dealing with. (ding)
Tails: Did you really think you could capture Sonic in that poorly-designed tin can?
Me: Poorly designed? That thing looke
:iconmysteriousgirl92:MysteriousGirl92 0 0
EWW Sleeping Giant in 3 or more minutes
Everything Wrong With Sleeping Giant in 3 or more minutes (spoilers) (obviously)
Knuckles: Dude, whatup?
Me: Hey, you're gliding! [reveals Knuckles wearing a parachute] Oh. (ding)
Sonic: Use your head on this one!
Rex (from Toy Story 2): But I don't wanna use my head. (ding)
Tails: Here I come! [The monster swats his plane away.] There I go.
Me: That's the running joke, ladies and gentlemen. (ding)
Sonic: A giant rock monster is laying waste to the countryside.
Amy: You mean, "a Granifer Giganticus is laying waste to the countryside".
Me: How was Sonic supposed to know that? (ding) Also, why are you annoyed that Sonic doesn't know the name of this thing? (ding)
Tails: Don't worry; it's still covered by the manufacturer's warranty!
Sonic: But you're the manufacturer.
Tails: I knew I shouldn't have given myself a receipt!
Me: Uhh... (ding)
Amy: Guys? Rock monster?
Me: [bad RCS Sonic impression] Don't you mean 'Granifier Giganticus'? [normal v
:iconmysteriousgirl92:MysteriousGirl92 0 0
Rouge's Power Form (I think) by MysteriousGirl92 Rouge's Power Form (I think) :iconmysteriousgirl92:MysteriousGirl92 2 0 Rouge (I think) by MysteriousGirl92 Rouge (I think) :iconmysteriousgirl92:MysteriousGirl92 2 0 Shantae by MysteriousGirl92 Shantae :iconmysteriousgirl92:MysteriousGirl92 1 0 Cosmo (adult form) - SM style by MysteriousGirl92 Cosmo (adult form) - SM style :iconmysteriousgirl92:MysteriousGirl92 1 0 Cosmo (child form) - SM style by MysteriousGirl92 Cosmo (child form) - SM style :iconmysteriousgirl92:MysteriousGirl92 2 3 Ayame (Power Stone - Power Form) SM style by MysteriousGirl92 Ayame (Power Stone - Power Form) SM style :iconmysteriousgirl92:MysteriousGirl92 0 0 Ayame (Power Stone - normal) - SM style by MysteriousGirl92 Ayame (Power Stone - normal) - SM style :iconmysteriousgirl92:MysteriousGirl92 2 0
EWW Late Fees in 4 or more minutes
Everything Wrong With Late Fees in 4 or more minutes (spoilers) (obviously)
Sonic: Tails, I need jumper cables. You got any duct tape? How about a battery?
Me: You couldn't just ask for those three things altogether? (ding)
Sonic: Ha! Initiate "Spinning Blades of Death"!
Knuckles: "Spinning Blades of Death"? I guess that sounds safe.
Me: Yeah, I'm sure it does(!) (ding)
Amy: Sonic, did you return the book I lent you to the library?
Me: Why can't you do it, Amy? It's your book, not Sonic's. (ding)
Sonic: Um... not... yet? [Knuckles goes flying off the fan in the background]
Me: Aww, no Wilhelm scream? [Knuckles goes flying off the fan in the background. A Wilhelm scream is heard] That's better. (ding)
Amy: It's due today! If you don't return it on time, I'll have to pay late fees, Sonic!
Me: Roll credits. (ding)
Sonic: I can't remember where the book is.
Tails: When I can't find something, I retrace my
:iconmysteriousgirl92:MysteriousGirl92 0 0
EWW Eggheads in 2 or more minutes
Everything Wrong With Eggheads in 2 or more minutes (spoilers) (obviously)
Me: Ominous weather is ominous. (ding)
Eggman: This may very well be my greatest creation yet! Yes! Yes! Rise my creation! RISE!
Me: Liiiiiiiiiiiive. (a "ding" sound is heard and the light comes on. Eggman presents a tray of six cookies) Wait, what? (ding)
Orbot: All that for cookies?
Me: Yeah, how dare you trick me like that, Eggman. (ding)
Orbot: All that for cookies?
Eggman: Evil cookies.
Cubot: Sweet! I'll go get the evil milk!
Me: I remember Eggman mentioning evil ham in the first episode. Hold on, since cookies contain eggs, ham is animal meat and milk is a dairy product, is Eggman's evil plan to turn all the consumers against those specific foods? ...Eh, sin it anyway. (ding)
Sonic: Wow! Cookies! [Picks one up] Hope this turns out better than the last time someone left baked goods on my doorstep...
Me: Are you talking about that wolf lady? If so, why ar
:iconmysteriousgirl92:MysteriousGirl92 0 0
Rouge (Power Stone - Power Form) - SM style by MysteriousGirl92 Rouge (Power Stone - Power Form) - SM style :iconmysteriousgirl92:MysteriousGirl92 3 0


Commission - Lively Steps by Hyanna-Natsu Commission - Lively Steps :iconhyanna-natsu:Hyanna-Natsu 3,142 124 Meg Griffin in Wonderland by DistortedRebel Meg Griffin in Wonderland :icondistortedrebel:DistortedRebel 10 1 Meg Griffin by chaopudding7453 Meg Griffin :iconchaopudding7453:chaopudding7453 26 4 Commission - Risu Risu desu! by Hyanna-Natsu Commission - Risu Risu desu! :iconhyanna-natsu:Hyanna-Natsu 3,152 155 Eyes Tutorial by kuatakeru Eyes Tutorial :iconkuatakeru:kuatakeru 167 2 Moe~moe~nyuuu by moekitten Moe~moe~nyuuu :iconmoekitten:moekitten 222 31 Crunchyroll Hime! by Shioiri Crunchyroll Hime! :iconshioiri:Shioiri 147 6 Shy smol birdie by Pemiin Shy smol birdie :iconpemiin:Pemiin 553 57 Nico Nico Nii* by Hinausa Nico Nico Nii* :iconhinausa:Hinausa 2,192 194 Teto* by Hinausa Teto* :iconhinausa:Hinausa 2,225 282 Pretzel Crisp: Mint Chocolate Chip gijinka* by Hinausa Pretzel Crisp: Mint Chocolate Chip gijinka* :iconhinausa:Hinausa 1,782 237 Sketch Doll Commission :OPEN JUNE 10 SLOTS by Hinausa Sketch Doll Commission :OPEN JUNE 10 SLOTS :iconhinausa:Hinausa 1,129 174 BlackCat Pom*Tail CLOSED] by Hinausa BlackCat Pom*Tail CLOSED] :iconhinausa:Hinausa 362 21 Garden Children* Auction CLOSED by Hinausa Garden Children* Auction CLOSED :iconhinausa:Hinausa 328 42 Stuffies* AUCTION [PENDING] by Hinausa Stuffies* AUCTION [PENDING] :iconhinausa:Hinausa 218 19



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Call me MG or Misty Grey
United Kingdom
There isn't much to say about me. I am just a woman with a lot of thoughts. If there is something to say, I will say it. I'll... try not to be too harsh on things, though. The last thing I want is people thinking I am a horrible person. The 92 in my name is pronounced 'nine two'.

Another thing I will not do is show my face. I don't like having my face on camera or in photos, and I'm camera shy. So if anyone asks to see my face, the answer is NO.

I will also not submit these deviants for monetary gain (i.e British/American currency). This is just for fun. I might do some commissions or sell some deviations for DA points.

Those who wish to thank me for badges (cake or llama) or for adding their artwork to my Favourites list, you're all welcome. ;-)


Working on the third episode right now. Just need to make sure the story connects.
Does anyone think the name Infernal Sun would fit Celestia's evil counterpart?
I am NEARLY done with my second PW episode. Sorry about this. It WILL be published when I am done with it.
I have already seen Robots from the Sky (in French), so I don't need to watch the episodes. Judging from what I heard a review, a birdcage... for a Daycare Centre? Ay, ay, ay.
Still working on Episode 2. I'm slightly more than halfway there.
Goodbye, Core Membership. :wave:
It was nice knowing you. We will meet again someday. :D
My Core Membership will come to an end in 5 days. It was fun while it lasted. Maybe one day, I will get my own Core Membership.
All I really need is a widabit. Not a lot, baby girl. Just a widabit.

Also, judging from the name calling in this episode, do you think Homer Simpson will ever look at donuts the same way again?

And to top it off, Bart Simpson taught a mad scientist one of his catchphrases.
Hey, guys. I probably shouldn't be doing this, but I feel like I HAVE to talk about the episode 'Planes, Trains and Dudemobiles'. Is this supposed to be a reference to the motto/slogan 'Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll'? And spoiler alert, there are no planes or trains in this episode. I suggest you watch the episode first before reading what I am about to say. So, let's get started.

The episode begins with Knuckles doing a beer-chugging challenge. Wait, no one would allow that? I thought the writers would love the idea of teenagers and adults getting drunk. But back on topic, Knuckles gets a brain freeze and wants to know what he did to deserve this. Well, Knuckles, that's what happens when you consume ice-cold things too quickly. You see, the nerves in the back of the throat send messages to the brain that the food is too cold. So the brain... wait, why am I doing a scientific, logical explanation for something that happened in a kids' cartoon?

Anyway, Tails shows up and excitedly announces that Dude-itude has a concert today. Sonic and Knuckles don't remember being in the band... until Tails mentions "the crackers in the green room". Gee, and I thought Tails' memory was bad. Wait, what am I saying? Tails had that... thing from episode 2 season 1. We then cut to Tails showing off his Dudemobile (briefly in the style of Pimp My Ride, I guess) and the male members of Team Sonic get in the vehicle.

Amy tells the boys to have fun and not to do anything she wouldn't do. OK, let's see. Flirting with random people: check. Being jerks to your friends: check. Berating someone for their 'insensitive' behaviour: check. Nominating themselves for awards: check. OK, Amy. I'll make sure the boys don't do what you wouldn't do. We then cut to the boys rapping until Knuckles has to take a rest stop. This happens three times by the way, while the guys are seeing the sights. Knuckles, is there... something you're not telling us? Maybe you should see a doctor for that. Or it could be that the road is bumpy.

We then have a scene where Sonic gets so impatient that he forcefully tries to take the wheel from Tails and speeds up! How can something like this be considered funny? Imagine yourself in this situation: you're driving and someone forcefully takes the wheel. You and that person could get injured or killed in a crash or the vehicle could trip over something and tumble over, injuring or killing you both. Or if the two of you are still alive, the vehicle could leak gas, catch fire and explode! But no, that doesn't happen. Maybe I'm expecting too much from the show... like I ALWAYS do. 

A police officer shows up and gives them a speeding ticket while Sonic unsuccessfully tries to get special treatment (getting zero speeding tickets) by claiming to be a hero. Sonic is a NATIONAL hero in the SONIC BOOM Universe. How does he expect EVERYONE to know who he is? And celebrity or not, you are bound to be punished for committing an offence. To prevent this from happening again, Sonic lets Knuckles take the wheel, only for the echidna to lose their way to the concert. That has to be the SECOND STRIKE out of three. Why didn't he just let Tails take the wheel again?

Sonic wakes up, only to find himself in the middle of a dark forest and a deranged opossum in the back seat next to him. Apparently, Knuckles let him in... which turns out to be a bad idea because he is the Chain Bandit. After listening to the radio, the bandit strangles Knuckles. Actually, he wraps the chain around Knuckles' shoulders and chest... which could give kids the wonderful image of being strangled to death by a stranger in the back of a car. And no, I was just being sarcastic when I said 'wonderful'. Sonic kicks him out and takes the wheel, speeding off again. The police officer shows up and -- after Sonic talks about the bandit that tried to kill Knuckles -- arrests them, not just because the Bandit was no longer in the back seat but also because they have a chain in the back seat.

So the officer lets them spend the night in "a grey-bar hotel", which Tails assumes to be an actual hotel instead figuring out that they are spending the night in jail. Sigh. In the (ahem) hotel, they bump into Salty, the manager of Dreamboat Express. Anyone remember that name? For those of you who don't know, Sonic and friends were in a cheesy pop boy band before they changed the name. Salty claims that he was arrested for wearing a chain. I want to know something. If the police officer saw the chain in the back seat of the Dudemobile, why didn't he place it in a plastic bag to give to the Forensics Team to analyse it? Also, is the police officer so obsessed with catching the Chain Bandit that he led himself to believe that anyone wearing a chain has to be an accomplice?

The officer gives them a meal and Salty puts on a "stupid" act, while Tails uses a magnet to take the keys and unlock the door to escape with Team Sonic and Salty. Good thing, too. If they had used their powers, the officer would know what they were up to and place them in a higher security prison cell. Well, I haven't been to prison and I don't work in a prison, so what would I know?

We then have a chase scene, which goes on until the Bandit and the heroes are separated. Sonic decides to go it alone with his Blue Force One. Tails makes the jump but the officer fails to do so. Before he is burned to a crisp by molten lava, Tails flies out and uses his Enerbeam to save him. And Sonic apprehends the Bandit, leaving the officer to do the rest. Because of Team Sonic's heroic deeds, the officer decides to let them go. I was expecting them to be punished, but then again, I expect too much. The heroes arrive at the concert, only to find out they are a month early. Why? Because Tails was so excited about the concert that he didn't pay attention to the date. He then tries to make them look on the bright side of the journey, but Sonic (with Knuckles holding him back) tries to pull a Homer Simpson on Tails, while he runs away in panic. And the episode ends with a freeze frame.

There's not much to say about this episode. I found this episode OK. I wasn't a fan of the songs, though. And I didn't like how Sonic endangered himself and his teammates. Though I have to admit, the police officer did better at his job than the ones in Hedgehog Village (that name sounds like a village only populated by hedgehogs, I swear). It had some... scary moments, but it was still OK. I still don't get why the officer didn't analyse the chain and just arrested Team Sonic. And here's a question: why did Knuckles have to be the only one needing to use the bathroom, and not the other Team Sonic members? I think there might be something seriously wrong with him, and he definitely needs to see a doctor for this.

That's all I have to say. Thanks for reading, and take care. ;)


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